Volunteer Referrals

Do you need volunteers? We can help

Volunteering Illawarra can recruit and refer volunteers for your organisation. Firstly, you need to be a non-profit organisation in the Wollongong, Shellharbour or Kiama local government area AND you MUST have current personal volunteer accident insurance as well as public liability insurance. Where applicable, third party vehicle insurance is also required.

How it works

After completing our Membership Application (see Membership tab), send us the details of your volunteer job by completing a Job Description form.

You can register additional jobs at any time as your needs change. We will advertise your jobs and put them on the govolunteer website.

A member of our team meets with potential volunteers face to face in a 30-40 minute interview. If we find someone suitable, we will contact you by phone and then confirm their details by email including which position they were interested in.  After assessing a person’s suitability and willingnes / commitment to volunteer we do our best to match the most suitable person to a volunteer position. However the decision to accept the volunteer is yours.

Your details are then given to the new volunteer, who will contact you. Please note that we DO NOT conduct reference checks or police checks and we strongly urge organisations to undertake these where necessary or required by legislation or regulation. As always, the decision to accept a volunteer rests with you.

We do ask that you notify us when a position is filled so we can keep our database up to date.

We aim to get new volunteers starting volunteer work as soon as possible after they contact us. This is one of the keys to finding and keeping good volunteers.