Miscellaneous Training

Table of Contents

Crowd Funding

Duration : 1.5 hours

This workshop is for anyone wanting to know and understand crowd funding and covers the following topics:


  • What is crowd funding?
  • When should we use crowd funding … is it for me?
  • How to develop a crowd funding campaign
  • Do’s and don’ts of crowd funding, and
  • What happens after the campaign closes?

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Not-For-Profit Mergers and Acquisitions

Duration : 5 hours

This course is for non-for-profit organisations considering a merger, acquisition or wanting information on the process. Topics to be covered include:

  • Background to mergers and acquisitions
  • Should an organisation merge or acquire?
  • Pitfalls and advantages of both actions
  • “How to” step by step process involved, and
  • Post-merger … what next?

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SWOT Analysis and Strategic Planning

Duration : 3 hours

This course is for organisations looking to understand SWOT analysis and how to develop a strategic plan. Other topics to be covered include:

  • Background to SWOT and strategic plan
  • Why they are both important and how they relate to each other
  • How to undertake a SWOT, and
  • Understanding the basics of strategic planning.

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Writing Mission, Values and Vision Statements

Duration : 2 hours

This course is for organisations wishing to know why these statements are necessary and how to develop them.

  • What are Mission, Values and Vision Statements?
  • Why do we need them?
  • How they are developed, and
  • How to use them.

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