Getting Started

The best way to help you find the right volunteer job is to come in and meet with one of our team at the agreed date and time of your appointment. **

During an informal interview of 30-40 minutes we can discuss your skills, interests and volunteering options.

At the end of the interview we will give you a referral to an organisation for a job that interests you.

In some cases we may not be able to refer straight away while we make more enquiries on your behalf.

There is no cost for this service so call our office today on (02) 4227 7163 to make an appointment!

Within a month of starting your job, we will contact you to find out how you’re getting along. This is not to check up on you! We need to know if our service has been effective.

If at any time, you are unhappy with your volunteer work, contact our office and we will look at other options with you. However, please note that in some cases we are not always able to place volunteers in suitable positions.

** If for any reason you are unable to keep your appointment, please give us a minimum of 24 hours’ notice as we have a limited number of daily appointments and are often booked weeks in advance. Letting us know you can’t attend an appointment means we can reallocate your appointment to another volunteer.