Volunteering Illawarra offers subsidised training courses for staff, volunteers and management committee members of non-profit community organisations.

We offer a wide range of courses and can customise a course to suit the needs of your organisation and volunteers.  The most popular courses we offer are:

    • Recruiting and Managing Volunteers
    • Work Health and Safety
    • Grief and Loss Issues for Volunteers
    • Positive Working Relationships
    • Conflict Management
    • Kitchen Health and Hygiene
    • Roles and Responsibilities for Management Committees.

Our training programs are in four categories:

Forms of training may include:

  • Pop-up training delivered at least 5 times a year. Huge discounts apply and members will be notified one week before training commences.
  • Training calendar – a list of annual training programs delivered face to face, typically within Wollongong City Council’s Administration Building.
  • Customised training – discuss your training needs with one of our friendly staff. In most instances we will be able to deliver the training for you and if not, direct you to the most suitable training provider.
  • In-house training for organisations with a number of staff and volunteers who require training.  We will come to your organisation and deliver our training, which is typically the most cost effective form of training.

Training Fees

Pop-up training – between $20 to $40 per person

Training calendar – between $40 to $100 per person

Customised training – varies, capped at $500 per course

In-house training – capped at $500 per organisation

All attendees at training will be presented with a training certificate and course materials.